Sunday, August 20, 2006

Les nouvelles revues, ce qu'un plaisir!

I can honestly say that I'm on magazine overload. In fact, the little cells in my brain are firing together so fast, that I am forcing myself to read over the pages of the MASSIVE Elle and W that came in my mailbox yesterday. By the way, once again I appologize for the spaced out posting, but there's simply nothing to be done about faulty internet wiring at your shore house, now is there my little chickies? Alas, there isn't. But back to this season's bonanza in magazine publication.

SO. Clearly anyone who isn't banned from society knows this is a big season, with shapes shifting and morphing and all kinds of yummy things going on. And if you
didn't know that, you would be informed by reading my last five posts, because I simply can't shut my jabbering mouth about it. Also you could look at the magazine stands, that would be a helpful clue as well. But the pictures in W...can I even explain how wonderful they are? I've always loved W because I am also a photographer hence the large pages and smoky, artsy shoots are trés intruiging. But this issue, W really outdid themselves. Witty, smart articles? Check. Fabulous, large pictures, that are not only up to artistic standards, but acutally showcase the clothes as well? Check. Over 500 pages? (A necessity for a fall issue, of course you knew that though...) Check. Fantastically, stupendously, supercalifragilisticexpialidociously SUPER? CHECK.

I hope someone from W reads that, and knows what a good, loyal reader I am. And maybe buys me some Alaïa boots. That would be an apt show of appreciation for my praise. They don't even have to tie them with a bow or mail them with tissue paper, a cardboard box would be just fine, really.

Kidding. Not really. But, leaving my warped little fashion obsessed world for a moment, into my more normal world of fashion obsession...

HOW 80's does Lindsay Lohan look on the cover of Elle? I can pracitcally SMELL the Rave hairspray emitting from the pages. And I like it. It's so....fresh and new. Even though it's's an inexplicable new that can't be comprehended unless you either a) are obsessed with, well, fashion. (like me..) or b) lived through the 80's and realized that people who are smarter now than then are picking through the best trends of the decade and enhancing them with classier accessories and a more pulled together way of wearing them...a little more Ali Mcgraw, a little less Maddonna. Although Maddonna is quite nice in some stages of her chameleon-esque life. But not in those new H&M ads. No, definitley not in those new H&M ads. What ARE those H&M ads? Retail for backup dancers? No, thanks, I had my share of Juicy tracksuits. And even those are more attractive than H&M for Godsakes.

I'll stop ranting. But only to show you some yummy things that I've found while turning senile, rampantly flipping pages to magazines that I will read 10 times more. Oh, fall. What would I do without you?

Okay, first I'll show you these little things called COATS. Jackets, capes, cropped, pea, Jesus H. Christ I could go on forever. But I won't...I'll just show you my favorites:

^This Milly coat is absolutely fabulous and classic and I suggest you all buy one. Or two, in case it's really cold. Milly

Another new favorite--the Burberry Prorsum and Derek Lam trenches with tons of lovely fur smattered all over it.

^Derek Lam cotton coat with fox cuffs,price upon request, visit

^Fox-fur-trim trench, Burberry Prorsum, price upon request, at Burberry stores nationwide.

And besides coats, which are a necessity in autumn/winter, there are also the new bags and shoes which we must wear to cover our little freezing feetsies. I must say, the accessories collections that came churning out on the runways this season are a bit schizophrenic. The styles sway from either polished classiness (Zack Posen, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs) or a cross between Auntie Mame and a gay Mick Jagger on acid (Prada, Chanel, YSL, Gucci). Clearly, my tastes tend to run more towards the former than the latter. Who would have thought?

^Quilted cord bag, Marc Jacobs, $1,850, call 212-924-6126

I am simply estatic that Zac Posen branched out into a (albeit small) handbag line, because the results are so Jackie O traveling on a steam locomotive circa 1850, that it's almost as if she designed them herself. And I LOVE it.

^Leather bag, Zac Posen, $1,400, at Bergdorf Goodman, NYC

^Crocodile bag, Zac Posen, price upon request, at Marissa Collections, Naples, FL

^An example of the Jagger-esque accessories. It looks more like a regal ostritch, perhaps the leader of the flock, does it not? Just make sure it doesn't lay an egg and everything's alright. Sequin bag, Prada, price upon request, at select Prada stores nationwide.

^ And, of course, it wouldn't be a Chic Caniche post if there wasn't at least one pair of gorgeous-stunning-fabulous shoes featured somewhere within it. These happen to be Christian Louboutin, my absolute favorite. Crepe-de-chine-and-leather peep-toe shoes, Christian Louboutin, $790, at Christian Louboutin, NYC

I'm also strangely fond of the Gucci platforms, even though I'm sort of repulsed by platforms, wedges, and espadrilles. I think it's the skinny heel that makes them, well, rather appealing. Stunning, even.

^Gucci platform sandal, Saks Fifth Avenue

Another obsession--anything in the fall season of 3.1 Phillip Lim. Hands down, the man is a genius.

^Cashmere cardigan, 3.1 Phillip Lim, $483, at Traffic, L.A. Also try Neimans or Bergdorfs. Are you not drooling over the dainty lace/heavy wool combination?! I know you are, so stop it, and go get it for yourself. Put an end to the deprivation. Immediately.

Another reason I can't wait for it to get cold--THIS SWEATER:

^How freaking cute is this offbeat cardigan?! I want it. Nownownownownow. Original Penguin

Alright. I admit this post was as scatterbrained as the accesories collection for this season, but what can I say, there's just too much love to go around. Eventually I'll provide enough attention every garment craves...just as soon as my internet stops being so flippantly annoying.

Ah! One more thing. All of you, this instant, must visit Revolve Clothing. They carry all of my favorite designers, from Trovata to Rebecca Taylor. Absolutely fantastic. GO! LOOK! NOW!
Off you click my little darlings, it's bath time pour moi.


Thursday, August 17, 2006

mon appologies, les chéris

Okay so I know I haven't posted in about 2 days BUT it's not my fault--internet was down.

So in my spare time, which was a lot considering I only had magazines, I found some EXTREMELY cute things that je pense que vous aimeriez:

...Well... I decided this would be a bargain day. You must realize this is completely and utterly historic. As we all know, there's a substantial lack of bargains on this website, mainly because I'm only attracted to lovely things with trés bonne materials. Good materials are key. But, I figured one day off from the Eelskin D&G riding boots and velvet flats with silk quilting is okay. As long as we up the ante with some YSL tomorrow. There we go.

So, I was reading Elle and I came across this absolutely adorable owl bag from Paul&Joe, I bet you you've seen it in magazines and know what I'm talking about. Well, I went on the Target website (Where Paul&Joe is doing a discount line, just like the infamous Tara Jarmon who I'll discuss further on) and to my alarm, the owl bag isn't featured on their website anymore. Deeply devastated, I took a look around and found some other yummy goodies to share with you. I know you'll like them, because I do.


After perusing the Paul&Joe section and realizing it wasn't REALLY as cute as the commercials make it seem, I went to the Tara Jarmon section which to my delight is all on clearance. Have a feast, my friends, for tomorrow we pay full price.

^ This adorable colorblock skirt ON CLEARANCE by Tara Jarmon can be found here.

Another super cute find: a polka dotted seemingly canvas bag, that you can lie and say you got at a lovely bazaar on the Amalfi Coast in Italy! Open those wallets, my little darlings.

Your new bag from Italy can be purchased here.

Another rather enticingly cute, offbeat bag find--the straw tote...refurbished! This one looks a little more like it was purchased at a South Hampton antiques show rather than the Amalfi Coast, but really, anything's better than Target. If you believe you got it at Target, it'll look like you got it at Target. It's all in the attitude, my friends.

You can buy your new, absolutely darling South Hampton find here.

And if you feel the straw tote is a little too bold and...kitchy, then try something a little less out there but still whimsicle--pins! I love pins, actually I think they're rediculously cute if worn the right way, but then again that's probably because I'm absolutely infatuated with looking like a five year old attending Choate Rosemary Hall preschool threw together my outfit and miraculously it came out looking effortlessly chic.

After tiring of the clearance sale at Tara Jarmon (I simply don't trust retailers who sell cute clothing for cheap's rather, how you say, sketchy) I found these Paul&Joe creature pins which I envision looking trés chic on an oversized grey cashmere sweater:

WHO doesn't like a little wildlife in their wardrobe?! You can be your own fabulous safari--turtles and owls and cashmere...oh my!

Excuse my witty banter, apparently nature gets me excited. What can you do. But clearly not as excited as shoes, as you, my faithful readers, will know.

Alright my lovelies, it's off to bed pour moi, je suis trés fatigue.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

j'adore mes amis, les souliers

I'm very annoyed because blogger somehow messed up the original of this post which contained more D&G photos, but oh well.

So this season we've seen a lot of velvet and flats, but when combined, clearly nothing is more elegant or stylish. My absolute favorite new shoe of the season is the D&G velvet embroidered belgian flat. Not only does it have exquisite embroidering with gold thread for the regal logo, but the inside is quilted champagne colored silk. They're absolutely DELICIOUS. And clearly you can tell I'm jonesing for a pair.

^I know. They're absolutely queenly. Get your pair here. And quick, because word is they'll be back ordered VERY shortly.

Another favorite flat manufacturer-- Stubbs & Wootton! Although not new, S&W has been making preppy chic embroidered velvet flats, or "Car Shoes" as someone named Eleanor with a large platnium bouffant would call them, for years. Since I spend pretty much my entire winter in Palm Beach, I have a few pairs of S&W's (Required footwear of the polo match attending set), but I sincerely reccommend to every girl: Own at least one pair, not just because they're super cute, but they add a refined classy elegance to an outfit that a trashy pair of knock-off heels can simply just not do.

These are my favorites, which I own and wear way too much for them to be remotely in the condition they should be in:

^Knight Black Stubbs & Wootton slippers

And these two, which I love and really seriously want:

^Stubbs & Wootton Baba Red Slipper

^Stubbs & Wootton Honor Black Slippers

The other thing I'm obsessed with is the whole Prep-School-Riding-Lessons-Let's-Throw-On-Some-Brooks-Brothers-With-An-Edge thing. I'm really into that. So when I saw this DSquared blazer, I hesitated from squealing by shoving my hand over my mouth:

^Admit it. You're drooling. Satisfy your craving here.

And my last yummy find: D&G Eelskin knee-high boots. I know what you're thinking. Donatella in a St. Tropez crackhouse, right? BUT NO. They're actually stunning. I mean, the kind of boot that will painfully sear itself into your mind until you think about it so much that eventually you unconciously walk to Neimans in a half sleep and by them yourself.

^Stop doing the happy dance. Stop it right now. Now go to Bergdorfs, take your entire life savings, and buy these incredibly crafted palaces for your feet.

Currently, I'm all about the fun and the whimsical mixed with the classy, elegant, and refined. Mixing things that are unexpected together (and I'm not talking Ramones-era 70's punk clash, such as a spiked bracelet with a blue and white seersucker dress, ACH. Not for me.) is not only visually stimulating, but proves that you've got fierce style and confidence. And clearly, that's what every single one of us is aiming for.

NOW--time for a bubble bath. Kisses!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

le style est l'essence de mode

Once again, a beautiful day at the lovely beach. Due to the fact that I have just returned from a lovely All-American seafood dinner slash barbecue féte, I figured I'd post my favorite light summer frocks, flats, and accessories. The objective of this look is to balance the proportions of the fabrics, cuts, and styles. And also, think minimal. White gauzy dresses with tiny flats and maybe one delicate long necklace is pretty much all that's necessary to get the WASPY-I-spend-my-summers-browning-to-a-golden apple-pie-crisp-in-East-Hampton thing going on.

The sundress is a very lovely piece of clothing. It's light, sleeveless (hence free of sweat stain paranoia), and when worn correctly (i.e; not tight in all the wrong places and with chunky jewelry, etc.) looks both classy and cute. Just try to avoid that White Trash Trying To Look Like Jackie O thing. That's not flattering. On anybody. Even Urban Outfitters has cute sundresses for really low prices, but I rely on designers such as Ella Moss, sister brand of Splendid, for my flowing frocks.

^You can get that here.

My other favorite companion to the sundress--the delicate flat. If you've read my previous posts, you know how much I'm obsessed with shoes, especially flats. Really, it's severely unhealthy. To the point of a rabid sickness. Nevertheless, shoes are quite important, we don't want those delicate soles to get scuffed up now do we? Of course not. Clearly London Sole agrees with me, because their shoes are foam at the mouth worthy. And not super expensive. I believe London Sole deserves a trés grande merci, non?

^If you haven't spaztically googled them already, you can find London Sole here.

And finally, the delicate necklace. Long or short (although preferably long..I have a penchant for long neckalces. I don't know. It's another type of fashion disease. As far as I know, there's no cure.) doesn't make a difference, I say as long as it's an interesting piece of jewlery that'll make people go "I just love that necklace, where in the world did you find that?" then it's acceptable. Me&Ro makes intricately crafted jewlery, not only necklaces but earrings, rings, bracelets, what have you. Being really different and unique isn't the only good part about Me&Ro...I believe every necklace is handmade. Not everyone can say their necklace was hand crafted, can they? Unless they shop at Me&Ro. Then I guess they can. But yours will be cuter. I have this Me&Ro necklace that I literally wear every single second because my neck feels quite lonely without it:

And these two necklaces that I've been lusting after:

^Me&Ro 10k Gold and Diamond Pendant.

^Kenneth Jay Lane Strawberry Pendant.

And with a Kooba yummy buttery leather satchel such as this:

You'll not only be fab, you'll look fab. Clearly that's what we're going for.

Everyone is fabulous, but clothes are the condiment that give fabulousness its flavor, as Mr. Capote once said regarding success and failure.

So there you have it. I hope you all have some romantic garden party to attend in the next 3 weeks, just so you can show off your chic ability to look like Sienna Miller gone proper. And so everyone remarks on your fabulosity, of course.

We'll talk tomorrow. It's off to a long shower pour moi. Kisses!

Friday, August 11, 2006

c'est un tres beau jour!

It is possibly the loveliest day of the summer so far, so I'll do a minimal backtrack and discuss summer and what we've all been wearing, even though there's only three weeks left (sigh). As I write this I'm sitting outside on the porch reading Breakfast at Tiffany's, hence I'm in an Audrey mood. But only two words can truly describe summer 2006: Nicole Richie.

FACE IT, we're all dressing like her. OLD WOMEN are dressing like her. The ginourmous glasses, chic bob, semi ana bod, and mix of patterns, prints, shift dresses, ballet flats, leggings, and oversized EVERTYHING (ie bags, clothes, bodyguards, what have you) are literally EVERYWHERE.

Let's take the glasses, for example.

From Wal-Mart commercials (blech) to Tom Fords new aviators, huge glasses have been in for about a year already. Currently even I am resembling a large insect with a pair I got at a flea market. Just lovely. But it's not about Nicole, or Mischa, Lindsay, or the Olsen twins for that matter. It's really about Rachel Zoe, mastermind and magician behind the Goldie Locks Goes Bad Girl Herion Chic thing that all of Hollywood's got going on. And admit it, you like it. You like it SO much, that you want to look like that too. It's okay. So do I. We ALL do. It's super cute, different, and if you know where to look for certain things, affordable. The only problem is, if EVERYONE starts dressing like Nicole, then who is going to be deemed "stylish" when everyone's wearing oversize glasses, leggings, and Gucci flats? Let's hope it doesn't come to that. We need some individuality, people.

These are my favorite pieces that I've been wearing the entire summer and will probably fall apart by August 30th:


^Not my exact pair, but you get the idea. The bigger the frame, the more UV ray blockage! Yay for skin protection!

I'm also big on shorts. Not just because it's hot, but long-ish shorts that are nicely tailored can simply do wonders for your legs. Take note of that, it's true. My favorite pairs this summer were from Johnson and Seven. I particularly like the Johnsons, or any tweed tailored short for that matter, because they can be dressed up or down, worn with heels and a silk blouse or layered C&C tanks and flip flops or flats. Either way they're versatile,and I plan on wearing mine in fall with leggings underneath. C'est trés utile.

^Johnson Millicent Shorts,

I'm also obsessed with big flowing blouses. A brown and yellow flower print from Ya-Ya is probably the thing I've worn the most all summer, and I most likely won't be able to part from it in September and will wear it under all of my clothes so it doesn't feel neglected.

I couldn't find a picture of it, but I did find a picture of it's tank top counterpart, so imagine this with billowy (but not genie-ish, that's a whole different story) sleeves, and you'll understand the root of my obsession:

And we can't talk summer without mentioning the staple of every beach go-ers wardrobe...The Bikini. Yes, the classic two piece bathing suit that every woman has at least five of in different styles. Or two drawers full. Either way, I wore two bathing suits pretty much on rotation all summer, just because I kept putting them, still tied up, on my bathroom doorknob and leaving them there, hence I'd just grab them whenever I was going outside. Both were string, one was a plain black Susana Monaco, and the other from J.Crew (Another unhealthy obsession of mine) which was yellow with ruffles and polka dots and coincidentally I'm wearing the top to it right now.

^I could only find a picture of the Susana Monaco, excuse it's tiny proportions, and apparently J.Crew pulled their Summer 06 swimsuits from their site, because resort wear is up already. So sadly you can't see my favorite itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Literally. Minus the itsy bitsty teeny weeny part. But it really is yellow. And it has polka dots. J.Crew also made a cute string madras print bikini that I like as well, except it has no stretch in it, it's just plain cotton. So unless you have perfect boobs, I'd try it on before buying it. That is if they still make it.

Anyway. On to the other summer classic--the flip flop. Now I'm not talking about your $14 Havanias that you have in every color of the rainbow, those are in a different category, such summer I-bought-these-to-walk-on-the-beach-in-flip flops. Not that I don't love them. I do. We have a special bond, even. But you can't necessarily wear Havanias from work to dinner, now can you? So ONCE AGAIN, J.Crew (I know, I'll stop ruthlessly promoting them eventually. When they start making ugly clothes. Which will be never. Because I believe someone who used to be at Marc Jacobs is the creative director there now, and CLEARLY that's why I'm obsessed. Because Marc is my absolute favorite. Okay I'm done.)

But J.Crew pulled my favorite sandal as well. So I'll describe it to you. Metallic flat sandals with a t-strap closure made of something resembling sailing rope...nautical, and delicious summertime cuteness.

I also, and don't make fun of me, but, I also really like the Capezio ballet flats. Like the professional ballet shoes (not the pointe ones, just soft ballet flats) with or without the rubber middle strap..I think they're wonderful. They come in canvas and leather, black, pink and tan, usually, so they go with everything and they're rediculously comfortable. You'd think I'd hate them after quitting ballet after 10 years, but no, I find them comfortable and irresistably cute. Even, perhaps, effortlessly chic. And they're only like $12.

^You KNOW you want a pair. (

So, if I missed anything, I do appologize, but what I've noted has been my summer wardrobe give or take for the past 3 months. And since summer is so abruptly coming to an end quite soon, I figured I'd squeeze in all I could. If we could only have three more months of trés beau jours, I'd be in utter bliss. Especially because of the nice tan I'm aquiring while reading the works of Mr. Truman Capote.

Oh, summer. How I'll miss thee.

Au revoir, kisses!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Beginnings, LOTS to say.

So I had been saying I would start a fashion blog for years. One year, actually. But instead I started a photoblog (, and got semi busy with that, on top of school, etc. But now it's summer. So here is my fashion blog, aptly titled Le Chic Caniche (The Chic Poodle, for those who aren't well versed in la langue française).

Okay, first let me say that this fall season is one of the biggest shockers since Marc Jacobs conjured Kurt Cobain look-alikes who strutted down the runways in 1991 for Perry Ellis. For years, we have been in full on ladylike, fringe-embroidery-jewel encrusted mode. We went through periods of relative minimalism (natch, Jill Sanders), but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, has been such a complete 360 as the Fall Season of 2006.

We've got grunge. We've got black. (Not just black, but charcoal, midnight, and noir as well) We've got layers. LOTS of layers. And we've got...the 80's. Fortunately, I wasn't around for the 80's, so I happily get to live it like many did before me (!). And I get to wear leggings (!!). Although, the ankle bootie, not one of my faves. Yes, Kate Moss looks absolutely fab in them, but, I'm assuming they don't look as flattering on my 4'11 frame. Sadly. But that's okay, because we've also got the tall, patent leather thick heeled boots (AKA the black patent Alaïa boots that I'm currently drooling over), which coincidentally fit just perfectly right below my knee. And some boots can even elongate my rather tiny gams. Another reason for my obsession. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the YSL "riding boots", which I saw at Barneys in around June 20th when I went in for my birthday weekend. Clearly you can see that shoes are a feverent passion of mine. Sorry. Can't help it.

So, for fall--
Let's pick through the trends and divulge my favorites..


1) LAYERS. I love layering. I've been layering for years. But thin layers, clearly no one wants to look like Chewbacca. Especially with things like mohair sweaters. Ugh. Horrid. But light sweaters, layered with light tees underneath, fab jeans and know you love it. ANYWAY...

2) BOOTS. Riding boots, especially. Love them. I especially LOVE this pair of riding boots/wellies from J.Crew (Shh, my favorite random find spot..) with herringbone and burgundy horsebit-ish detail. Check them out here:

^They're not YSL, but they're still cute tucked into jeans.

(By the way. New favorite pair of jeans: Rock & Republic Motley Jeans. Love R&R. Plus these are cute, and will look like drainpipes when I tuck them in even though they have a fuller leg. I suggest everyone owns one pair.)

3) BIG, YUMMY, CASHMERE SWEATERS. I've always been a fan of the oversized cashmere sweater. Who hasn't? But I think it also has a lot to do with my uniform. I haven't mentioned--I go to an all-girls school. Avec une uniforme.

Uniform: navy /gray/light blue pleated kilt depending on season; navy, grey, or white collared shirt; and a navy, grey, or white sweater/sweatshirt if needed. Also, leggings if needed. Any shoe.

Clearly I skip the collared shirt business, wear a huge oversized cashmere sweater every day, and navy leggings under the navy/gray/light blue depending on the season kilt. Excuse my uniform diatribe.

But the sweaters, yes. Do I even need to explain how they look good with everything? Large oversized sweater with cowl neck over black leggings and--dare I say--ankle booties (if you've got the bod)...said sweater with stovepipe jeans and tall patent AlaÏa boots. You get the picture. It's wordlessly fantastic, the large sweater. It truly is. MOVING ON--

4) LEGGINGS (!) As I've said before, I'm rabidly extatic about being able to (re?) live the 80's. I feel as if I have been deprived a key decade in fashion turning points, so now I'm delighted to experience the best of the 80's on my own body. Leggings have been a staple of my wardrobe due to school, so I know how trés chic they are. Not saying I knew how chic they were when I was wearing them, my calves were just terribly cold. But still. Everyone agrees with me that mid-length leggings ARE the new It-Item. So I don't really need to go on. But I'll just add that even though they're an "It-Item" that shouldn't make them instantly good looking, they just ARE good looking. Don't follow fashion trends religiously...tack. Just do what looks good. Like leggings. Leggings with a DVF satin cocktail wrap dress and those Marc Jacobs pumps with the ballerina criss-cross. Sorry. I'll stop salivating.

5) BIG BAGS This, I can honestly say, I've been a fan of before it hit the runways. Not because I thought it was stylish, just because I have so much crap that if I didn't have a big bag, I wouldn't be able to survive. Currently my bag houses 5 bottles of evian, all opened and half full, various hair clips and such, three Rosebud Salves, rediculous amounts of paper (magazine clippings, stuff from work, things I don't even know about lurking in corners..) You get the idea.
So when I saw big bags were a must-have of 2006, I was rightfully joyful. Let us also thank Rachel Zoe (MY GOD. IDOL. Seriously WHO doesn't love her? NO ONE.) for the comeback of the BB. Like the LBD, I believe a BB shouldn't go out of style, simply for its practical manner. You can't say that about the clutch, now can you? No, you can't. The other good thing about BB's is that you can find them anywhere, from a flea market, to Urban Outfitters, to Bendel's. This is comforting, considering you can't always find such in demand items in such convienient places. Again, let's all appreciate the BB. Alriiiight.

So you get the idea. Fall 2006 is a fantastic, super, wonderful, amazing, VERY NECCESSARY break from the fashion norm. People are breaking out of shells, there is freshness, crispness, and a sense of urgency that the billowy pink sugarcoated seasons of years past have substantially lacked. So say hello to autumn, welcome in your back to school clothes (yes, I just said that), and give a rowdy bonjour to the cool weather of September and October. And let's all pray it's not an Indian Summer. BRING ON THE SNOW, BABY.

I could go on for hours more about every single thing that stalked down the runway this season but I simply can't for fear of killing you with fashion overload. Although, really, would that be so bad?

Although I will say this: Derek Lam's sweaters, Stella McCartney's sweaterdress concoction, CHANEL'S ENTIRE LINE FROM HEAD TO TOE INCLUDING THE LITTLE TRAIN BROOCHES (Sorry, I suffer from Chanel-itis, a disease in which I crave Chanel in every single of my waking hours. I'm working on it.) and the Gucci pantsuit are all favorites. As are the comeback of flats, which subsequently I also wear every day, thanks to school. It seems this season is meant for me. Oversize sweaters, oversize bags, leggings, and flats. Yum yum yum. I'll stop, but I'll have you know, you should be excited too. This is a breaking point, a turning point, a notable moment in fashion history. Let's take note of it.

I'll leave on that note. We'll speak tomorrow.

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